How to Install Windows 10 for Beginners (with Pictures)

Now I’m going to explain on how to install windows 10 easily. At the moment, windows 10 is one of the most popular operating system that people take interests into. Why? Because windows 10 has elegant, minimalistic display and user-friendly.

A lot of people who previously used windows 7 and 8 made an upgrade to windows 10. If observed closely, windows 10 is a combination of windows 7 and 8, but with a few changes on the start menu and desktop. Before you install windows 10, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  1. On this tutorial, we will execute the installation through DVD Drive, so you need to prepare a DVD disc containing the windows 10 ISO file.
  2. Make sure you have the license or product key for windows 10.
  3. You need to setup your computer or laptop to be able to boot from DVD Drive
  4. If it’s a laptop, I recommend to plug in the charger, don’t let the battery runs out when you’re at the middle on installation process.

Set BIOS to Boot from CD / DVD

Like what I said previously that you need to setup BIOS to be able to boot the first time via DVD. Because by default, computers or laptops boot via HDD, so you need to change it by following these steps:

1. Turn on or restart your computer / laptop. Then press Del (Delete) repeatedly until BIOS display appears as shown on image below. After that, go to Boot tab using ◄ ► buttons. Take note that the buttons to get into the BIOS menu are different, depends on your computer’s or laptop’s vendor motherboard, but the most common buttons to get into BIOS menu are Del, F1, F2, F10 and F12.

Set BIOS to Boot from CD / DVD

2. Like what you can see on the image below, the Hard Drive or HDD is in the first position. That shows that the boot is done the first time via HDD.

the Hard Drive or HDD is in the first position

3. In order for the boot to be done via DVD Drive the first time, choose CD-ROM Drive and then slide with +/- button until it gets to the top.

how to install windows 10

4. Don’t forget to put in the windows 10 DVD to your computer’s or laptop’s DVD Drive. To save the your changes, press F10 and choose Yes.

save the your changes by press F10

How to Install Windows 10

After you setup the booting, it’s time for you to install windows 10. Follow these steps below to execute windows 10 installation:

1. Press any button to start installation process. If you happen to find back this display in the middle of installation process, do not press any button, because it will restart the whole installation process.

Press any button

2. For language selection, time format and keyboard or input method, adjust to your location. And then click Next.

how to install windows 10 from dvd

3. Click Install Now.

Click Install Now

4. Tick I accept the license terms, and then click Next.

I accept the license terms

5. On this step, choose Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)

6. For you who wants to do reinstallation, upgrade or downgrade to windows 10 and do not want the data on other partition to be gone, simply delete Drive 0 Partition 2 (or more known by drive C:) and Drive 0 Partition 1 : System Reserved, both partitions that you deleted will automatically become Unallocated Space.

On the Unallocated Space, create a new partition which will be automatically named Drive 0 Partition 2. After that, choose Drive 0 Partition 2 as the installation location then click Next. For clearer info see the video below:

For you who wants to reinstall, upgrade or downgrade to windows 10, please skip number 7 to 11. But for you whose computer or laptop is still brand new, where the HDD is empty and has no operating system (DOS) yet, please skip step number 6.

7. As what you can see on the image below, HDD space is still empty and hasn’t been partitioned yet (Unallocated Space). Therefore, you need to create a new partition. For the number of partitions, it could be 2 or more, depending on your needs.

Unallocated Space

8. Choose Drive 0 Unallocated Space, and then click New. Determine the partition size that you want, then click Apply.

Drive 0 Unallocated Space

9. Click OK to create System Reserved Partition.

create System Reserved Partition

10. Create 1 partition or more with the same step as shown on step number 8.


11. As what you can see on the image below, I only created 2 main partitions (System Reserved not included). Then choose Drive 0 Partition 2 as the installation location (do not place in other partition), and then click Next.

step 11

12. The installation process is running. This process may take time around 20 minutes. During this process, your computer or laptop will restart by itself for several times, so don’t worry, because it’s part of the installation process.

installation process

13. Enter your windows 10 product key, then click Next. You can also enter it later by clicking Do this later.

enter your product key

14. On this step, click Use Express Settings.

Use Express Settings

15. Choose I own it, then click Next.

step 15

16. On this step, you will be told to login to your Microsoft account. You can skip this step by clicking Skip this step.

Skip this step

17. Enter the computer or laptop name that you want, for example NesabaMedia. And then setup a login password so that your computer or laptop won’t be accessed by unauthorized person. In the column Password Hint, enter the word or sentence that could help you remember your password. After that, click Next.

Login password

18. Wait a few minutes for this process.

how to install windows 10

19. Congratulations! You have successfully installed windows 10 on your computer or laptop.


That’s the tutorial on how to install windows 10 on your computer or laptop. If you want to install windows 10 via USB drive, you can read the tutorial here. The steps are same, we only need to setup the first boot to be done via USB Drive.

Alright, if there are any questions regarding the windows 10 installation, do not hesitate to ask me on the comment box below. I’ll answer as quickly as possible and make sure that you don’t find any obstacles during the windows 10 installation process.

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