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Microsoft Rilis Pembaruan untuk Insider Dev Channel

Minggu ini Microsoft kembali dengan membawa pembaruan terbaru untuk pengguna Insider Program, yang mana kali ini diberikan untuk Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel. Microsoft memberikan pembaruan untuk Build OS 25290 dengan sejumlah perbaikan, Jumat (03/02).

Microsoft resmi merilis pembaruan mingguan untuk Insider Dev Channel, di mana mereka menghadirkan dukungan fitur lain yan hadir dalam fitur Widget. Sebelumnya fitur Widget di Windows 11 mendapatkan dukungan dari Phone Link, di mana pengguna bisa menambahkan Widget khusus untuk Phone Link.

Kabar baiknya, Microsoft menambahkan lagi fitur Widget mereka dengan menampilkan tampilan antarmuka baru untuk platform Spotify. Nantinya pengguna bisa mengunduh Widget terbaru untuk Spotify ini yang hadir sebagai Preview ketika memainkan lagu-lagu di platform tersebut.

Spotify Widget Windows 11
Widget Baru untuk Spotify

Selain memberikan dukungan Widget terbaru, Microsoft juga telah memberikan dukungan lain untuk akses cadangkan data melalui Start Menu Windows 11. Berikut gambarnya:

Windows 11 Backup Option

Nantinya pengguna bisa mendapatkan akses Badged Back Up Files di profil yang muncul melalui Start Menu, dukungan fitur pelengkap juga hadir seperti Start Backup untuk mulai mencadangkan dan Remind Me Later untuk mengingatkan Anda nantinya.

Selain itu, Microsoft juga merilis Changelog apa saja yang mereka berikan kepada pengguna Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, berikut daftarnya:

  1. We fixed the issue causing Arm64 devices to fail to resume from sleep/hibernate when running Build 25281 and getting stuck at the OS boot logo.
  2. Fixed an issue where some Insiders may have issues accessing websites and other resources via VPN connections. If you used the workaround documented in this forum post, please reverse those changes once you have this new build installed.
  3. Fixed an issue causing some Insiders to experience freezes when using the browser and certain other apps in recent Dev Channel builds.
  4. Fixed an explorer.exe crash which could cause the taskbar not to load for some Insiders.
  5. Fixed an issue where the search box would randomly disappear sometimes when you clicked it (leaving a blank space on the taskbar).
  6. Fixed an issue where the search box was shifting to the side slightly when you clicked it.
  7. Fixed an issue where the data content area of the Processes page might flash once when theme changes were applied in the Task Manager Settings page.
  8. Fixed an issue where some dialogs did not render in the correct theme when applied from Task Manager Settings page.
  9. Fixed an issue where properties in the Memory section of the Performance page were getting truncated even though there was space to display them.
  10. Reduced the transparency of graph colors in the Performance page, and adjusted the borders, to help make them stand out more.
  11. Fixed a few issues causing Task Manager crashes.
  12. Typing F in the search box should work again now.
  13. You now shouldn’t have to make Task Manager be as wide before the navigation pane appears.
  14. If text scaling has been increased, the search box shouldn’t overlap with the title bar text anymore.
  15. Made some tweaks to address cases where text in dialogs was getting cut off when text scaling was increased.
  16. Fixes an issue where certain parts of the title bar couldn’t be used to drag the window.
  17. We fixed the issue causing some people to not get a consistent refresh of images on a daily basis.
  18. Fixed an issue where the preview for Sans Serif Collection in Personalization > Fonts was displaying broken glyphs.
  19. Fixed an issue that was preventing Narrator from announcing dropdown lists in Excel.
  20. Fixed an underlying issue which could cause Snipping Tool screenshots to become stretched out and distorted in the last few builds if you had multiple monitors.
  21. Fixed an issue which could cause a bugcheck with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.
  22. Fixed an issue which could make the Open With dialog crash on launch.
  23. Fixed an issue where the Open File dialog would hang if you clicked it while using an IME after having selected “Choose an app on your PC” from the Open With dialog.
  24. Fixed an issue which could cause Group Policy Editor to unexpectedly show “An error has occurred in the script on this page” with an invalid character error when editing a group policy.
  25. If you have OpenSSH Server set to start at boot (instead of manual), that preference should be remembered across OS upgrades now. Please note, you need to be on a build with this fix before it will take effect with your next upgrade.

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