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Windows 11 Insider Beta Kini Dapatkan Pembaruan Mingguan

Sesuai dengan jadwal mingguan untuk mereka yang menggunakan Windows 11 Insider Program, kali ini kami mendapatkan informasi bahwa Insider Beta menjadi salah satu versi pertama yang mendapatkan pembaruan pada awal Desember 2022, Kamis (01/12).

Memasuki penghujung tahun 2022 ini, Microsoft baru saja merilis dukungan pembaruan terbaru mereka bagi Anda yang menggunakan Insider Beta. Baru saja kemarin kami memberikan informasi bahwa kemungkinan Microsoft sedang mempersiapkan perilisan pembaruan untuk Insider Program pada awal Desember nanti.

Melalui pembaruan ini Microsoft menghadirkan Update KB5020035, di mana jatuh kepada mereka yang menggunakan Insider Beta Channel. Secara otomatis pembaruan ini akan mengubah Build OS dari Insider Beta menjadi versi 22621.1020 dan Build OS 22621.1020.

Kami sempat menduga bahwa perilisan ini akan memberikan beberapa dukungan seperti perbaikan isu di Windows 11, ternyata memang benar karena Microsoft memberikan beberapa peningkatan yang cukup signifikan untuk pengguna Insider Beta.

Salah satu fitur yang baru ditingkatkan ialah OneDrive, minggu lalu Microsoft memberikan dukungan layanan OneDrive yang akan memberikan informasi melalui Notification Windows 11, bahwa nantinya ketika penyimpanan akan mendekati penuh maka muncul sebuah pemberitahuan akan hal tersebut.

Hal ini juga sejalan dengan rencana Microsoft yang akan mengubah beberapa syarat ketentuan pengguna OneDrive, di mana beberapa layanan lainnya seperti Outlook akan menyimpan sejumlah data mereka di OneDrive melalui akun yang terhubung.

Fitur Accessibility juga kembali diberikan peningkatan yang cukup baik oleh Microsoft, di mana performanya akan kembali ditingkatkan menjadi lebih baik. Tetapi, Microsoft menyarankan untuk mendapatkan sejumlah peningkatan ini maka perlu menghapus versi lamanya.

Untuk menghapusnya juga cukup mudah, akses Settings, Apps, Optional Features, Installed Features, pilih hapus Braile Support. Selanjutnya, untuk menginstall pembaruan terbaru maka bisa akses Settings, Accessibility, Narrator, Braile, pilih More Button, kemudian Download and Instal Braile Button.

Lebih jelasnya, tim Nesabamedia membagikan dua perbedaan peningkatan fitur yang diberikan oleh Microsoft melalui pembaruan mingguan Insider Beta di bawah ini:

Build OS 22623

  • The spelling dictionary now uses a language-neutral word list and syncs across all devices that use the same Windows account (Microsoft accounts and AAD) is now available to all Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel. Users can toggle this feature via Settings > Accounts > Windows backup > Remember my preferences > Language preferences.
  • Fixed a high-hitting explorer.exe crash in the previous Beta Channel flight related to the system tray. This crash is also believed to be the cause of some Insiders experiencing a repeated explorer.exe crash when entering safe mode on that flight.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing certain third-party app icons in the system tray to be unresponsive after the latest system tray changes.
  • The Windows Update icon in the system tray should no longer look pixelated after changing between light and dark modes.
  • If you have two monitors on top of each other, the Desktops list in Task View should no longer appear to be floating in the middle of Task View.
  • Moved the open navigation pane button to be under the title bar when Task Manager is wide enough to expand it inline – in doing so, addressed an issue where you couldn’t drag Task Manager from the area in the title bar above the navigation pane if the navigate pane was expanded.
  • The Delete key should work in the search box now.

Build OS 22621 & 22623

  • New! We combined Windows Spotlight with Themes on the Personalization page. This made it easier for you to discover and turn on the Windows Spotlight feature.
  • New! We provided the full amount of storage capacity of all your Microsoft OneDrive subscriptions. We also displayed the total storage on the Accounts page in the Settings app.
  • New! We gave Microsoft OneDrive subscribers storage alerts on the Systems page in the Settings app. The alerts appeared when you were close to your storage limit. You could also manage your storage and purchase additional storage if needed.
  • New! We added the organizational messages feature. With it, third-party companies could provide content to their employees. They did not need to use the default behavior of Windows.
  • We fixed an issue that affected the protocol activation of the Settings app. The app failed to open a page under the Accounts category.
  • We fixed an issue that affected certain applications. They stopped working. This occurred when you used keyboard shortcuts to change the input mode for the Japanese Input Method Editor (IME).
  • We fixed an issue that affected cluster name objects (CNO) or virtual computer objects (VCO). Password reset failed. The error message was, ” There was an error resetting the AD password… // 0x80070005”.
  • We fixed an issue that might have caused certain apps to stop responding. This occurred when you opened the Open File dialog.
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes affected File Explorer when you opened a file. Because of that, there was high CPU usage.
  • We fixed an issue that affected Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Automated investigation blocked live response investigations.
  • We fixed an issue that affected Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) authentication hardening. We would automatically raise the authentication level for all non-anonymous activation requests from DCOM clients to RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_INTEGRITY. This occurred if the authentication level was below Packet Integrity.
  • We fixed an issue that affected microphone streams that used the Listen To feature to route to the speaker endpoint. The microphone stopped working after you restarted the device.
  • We fixed an issue that caused File Explorer to stop working. This occurred when you closed context menus and menu items.

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